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Want to know how to care for your jewelry, look here!

Fix Huggies that Don't Close

Before wearing, open and close to feel how it 'clicks'. The click sound should be obvious. With everyday wear, the closure may become loose. Fine metals are softer and more flexible than cheaper metals are. So you can easily re-adjust the post to clo

Fix Loose Stud Earring Backs

The butterfly backs for earring posts may become loose with everyday wear. To make sure you don't lose your favorite earrings, make sure the earring backs feel secure. If your butterfly backs feel loose, with your fingers, gently squeeze the two circ

Jewelry Care

All jewelry requires a little care and attention to keep it looking at its best. Follow the golden rules and you will be pleasantly surprised with how long the jewelry will last!. Store your jewelry in your fabric pouch or a plastic bag that is air t

Why is my Gold Vermeil Tarnished

Gold vermeil can last a long time if properly cared for.However, if worn continuously (especially rings) the Gold can start to wear away after six months.Because the base metal is Sterling Silver, open air and moisture can cause it to oxidize/turn da

Why is My 14K Turning Dark

We want to clarify that the the orangey discoloration on your 14K Gold earrings does not mean it is tarnishing and can easily be cleaned with a polishing cloth.The moisture in the air and on your skin could react with the small amount of copper that